How To Use A Planer Board

How to Rig a Planer Board

To rig a planer board, fishermen will need a planer board system, planer board release clips, fishing rods and fishing tackle. The planer board system consists of a board, cable, mast and reel. Begin the process by installing the planer board system on the sides of the boat.

To manage the board’s line, planer boards are typically controlled by a short mast. A backer board may be used to secure the planer board if the decking is not secure enough to handle the handle the weight of the mast. Determine the placement of the screws by placing the base plate on the deck and marking the location with a pen, pencil or marker.

Small pilot holes should be drilled on the locations marked. Then, screw the base plate into the deck. The mast should be inserted into the base plate. After the insertion, follow the directions accompanying the mast purchased. Ensure that all connections are secured to prevent the mast from swaying or falling down.

How to Use a Planer Board for Trolling

Trolling planer boards, whether offshore or otherwise, gives the fisherman a distinct advantage by letting him cover a much bigger area with multiple lines. Learn more about trolling planer boards here.

How to Use a Planer Board for Casting

Planer boards are not exclusively for trolling. To work, either you need to be moving or the water needs to be moving. That being said you can also use a planer board with great success in rivers, tidal areas with strong currents, or anywhere the water is moving fast enough. Read more about casting planer boards here.

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